What is Chemical Real-Time Predictor (ChemRTP)?

         Chemical Real-Time Predictor (ChemRTP) quickly predicts chemical data and information of chemicals of your interest.

         Our versatile QSPR-based ChemRTP provides 28 important chemical data for each chemical in real-time on the web.

         Prediction accuracy is also given in cases where experimental data exist.

                                                                                 Types of Compounds Available
  • Predict all pure compounds except radical, salt, mixture, or ion types

  • Types of atoms that can be used for modeling: C, H, N, O, S, F, Cl, Br, I, Si, P, As

       Types of Properties Provided
  • Absolute Entropy of Ideal Gas at 298.15K and 1bar
  • Acentric Factor
  • Critical Compressibility Factor
  • Critical Pressure
  • Critical Temperature
  • Critical Volume
  • Enthalpy of Formation for Ideal Gas at 298.15K
  • Liquid Molar Volume at 298.15K
  • Molecular Weight
  • Net Standard State Enthalpy of Combustion at 298.15K
  • Normal Boiling Point
  • Melting Point
  • Refractive Index
  • Solubility Parameter at 298.15K
  • Standard State Absolute Entropy at 298.15K and 1bar
  • Standard State Enthalpy of Formation at 298.15K and 1bar
  • Magnetic Susceptibility
  • Polarizability
  • Flash Point
  • Parachor
  • Lower Flammability Limit Temperature
  • Lower Flammability Limit Volume Percent
  • Upper Flammability Limit Temperature
  • Upper Flammability Limit Volume Percent
  • Liquid Density at Normal Boiling Point
  • Heat of Vaporization at 298.15K
  • Heat of Vaporization

      ChemRTP  Information

Thermo-PhysicoChemical Properties
  • Reaction engineering
  • Chemical process design / simulation / optimization
  • Energy efficiency improvement for combustion processes
  • Chemical safety and regulation
Drug-Related Properties
  • New drug discovery
  • Drug possibility provision

ChemRTP Applications
  • Energy Efficiency Improvement
  • Alternative Energy Research
  • Environmental Protection
  • Process Design, Simulation & Optimization
  • Reaction Engineering & Kinetics
  • Chemical Process Unit Design & Optimization
  • New Drugs Development & Health Researches
  • Cosmetics, Flavors & Fragrance Design
  • Semiconductor Researches
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