Neural Designer


Neural Designer is a user-friendly app for data science and machine learning.
It allows you to build AI-powered applications without coding or building block diagrams.

Get Full Value From Your Data.
Neural Designer specializes in neural networks, the most powerful machine learning technique.
Use it to discover relationships, recognize patterns, and predict trends from your data.
Neural Designer is a data science and machine learning platform able to simulate and optimize the processes at your organization using the available data. neuralActivtydiagram
It specializes in neural networks, which are the most potent technique for machine learning. neuralNetworkGraph
Besides, Neural Designer supports the whole modeling cycle, from data preparation to model production. analytics
We have created the tool so that innovative companies and research centers focus on their applications rather than mathematical algorithms or programming techniques.
With Neural Designer, there is no need to write code or build block diagrams. Instead, the interface guides you through a sequence of well-defined steps. Neural_EDITOR
The results are visualized in dashboards with many explanations, tables, and charts to facilitate their interpretation.
Neural Designer uses high-performance computing techniques, such as memory usage optimization, CPU parallelization, and GPU acceleration. Consequently, it can analyze bigger data sets in less time than its competitors.

Neural Designer is a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) software based on artificial neural networks. It was designed to enable users to develop and deploy machine learning and data analysis models quickly and easily without requiring in-depth programming or advanced mathematics knowledge.

With Neural Designer, you can build neural networks and apply them to various problems and applications, such as classification, approximation, forecasting, auto-association, and text classification. The software offers an intuitive graphical interface that allows you to interactively design, train and evaluate AI models.

One of Neural Designer's standout features is its ability to perform automatic model selection and hyperparameter optimization. This means that the software can help you find the best model and best fit for your dataset, which significantly simplifies the AI model development process.

In addition, Neural Designer provides data visualization and analysis tools to help you understand and explore your datasets. You can generate detailed graphs and statistics to evaluate the performance of your models and make informed decisions.

In summary, Neural Designer empowers you to succeed with machine learning.

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