Pinter Consulting Services

Pinter Consulting Services Inc. (PCS) specializes in the development of advanced nonlinear - both global and local - optimization methodology, software, and related services. PCS's software products are based on award-winning research: they can effectively assist engineers and scientists to develop and solve their optimization models. Product implementations are available for a broad range of compilers, for prominent optimization modeling languages, and for integrated scientific-technical computing systems.

Software Products

PCS products are developed and maintained in cooperation with world-class partners. The currently available software implementations - offered for compiler platforms, optimization modeling environments, and integrated scientific-technical computing systems - are listed below.
  • LGO solver suite for nonlinear optimization, for all C/C++/C#/Fortran compiler platforms
  • MathOptimizer Professional for Mathematica (LGO for Mathematica)
  • MathOptimizer for Mathematica (A native Mathematica package for nonlinear optimization)
  • Excel-LGO (LGO for MS Office Excel)
  • LGO for AIMMS
  • LGO for AMPL
  • LGO for GAMS
  • LGO for MPL
  • Global Optimization Toolbox (LGO for Maple)
  • LGO for the TOMLAB platform (for MATLAB)

The software products LGO solver suite, MathOptimizer Professional for Mathematica, MathOptimizer, MATLAB-LGO and Excel-LGO are directly available from us

Software's Applications
  • advanced engineering design (acoustics, automotive, electronics, lasers, optics, robotics, surveillance, and other areas)
  • aggregation of expert opinions (site or facility location, risk assessment)
  • calibration and operation of laboratory or medical instruments
  • data classification (cluster analysis)
  • data visualization, multidimensional scaling and state space reduction
  • experimental design
  • extremal energy (potential function) configurations in physical, chemical, and biological modeling
  • facility location and service allocation (distribution) problems
  • financial modeling and optimization
  • general nonlinear approximation
  • industrial design
  • marketing research
  • model fitting to empirical data: identification, calibration and verification procedures
  • object packing and configuration design in scientific studies and in industrial engineering
  • optimized design and operation of "black box" (confidential or other completely closed) systems
  • process optimization in the chemical and energy industries
  • risk analysis and management
  • robust product or mixture design in the chemical and processing industries
  • stochastic simulation and optimization studies in engineering applications
  • systems of nonlinear equations and inequalities
  • supply chain management

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