BEST ViewPoints

BEST Viewpoints is a powerful, flexible and user-friendly data analysis software which combines in Mathematica many data manipulation and analysis capabilities found in spreadsheets and database languages. Spreadsheet enthusiasts will find in BEST Viewpoints a good complement to simplify their everyday data mining activities. Some features of the product are: simplifying the creation and expanding the scope of pivot table analysis, performing analysis like statistical control charts, box plots, basic text mining, and market basket analysis. Additionally, users are empowered by the full library of Mathematica functions to symbolically represent and perform spreadsheet-like calculations in large datasets of numeric or string data types. Finally, to enable portability, hundreds of data formats are available for importing data and exporting results. In particular, a graphical user interface is provided to read data from databases without the need of typing SQL scripts.

  • For quick analytics and beautiful charts
  • For easy and efficient data analysis and visualization
  • For scientific depth in your business decision processes
  • Using only the mouse one can create charts, data summaries or pivot analysis, graphs, trends and statistical analysis in minutes.
BEST ViewPoint

BEST ViewPoint

BEST ViewPoint
  • Analytics
    • Data summaries
    • Pivot analysis
      (bar charts, lines, pie charts)
    • Pareto analysis
    • Trends
    • Bubble charts
  • Statistics
    • Histograms (2D &3D)
    • Box whisker plots
    • Distribution charts
    • Probability Distribution Plots
    • Confidence intervals
    • Hypothesis tests
    • Goodness of fit tests
  • Statistical Process Control
    • Statistical Control Charts (XBar, R, S, EWMA, p, np, C, nC, U)
    • Process Capability Analysis
  • Market Basket Analysis
    • Product Associations
    • Basket size statistics
    • Product Penetration
  • Import Data
    • Databases
    • Spreadsheets
    • Many standard and data analysis software formats (csv, txt, mdb, mtb, etc.)
    • Other
BEST ViewPoint
BEST ViewPoint
BEST ViewPoint
BEST ViewPoint
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